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Kodak EIR Infrared Landscapes by Aldo Rafael Altamirano

All images shot with Nikon F6, AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D with
a B+W #099 IR filter and Kodak Ektachrome EIR.

Aldo on the background of Aerochrome and EIR:

"Kodak Aerochrome and Kodak EIR are infrared-sensitive, false-color reversal films. They are both very similar and are sensitive to radiation up to 900 nm. Kodak EIR was the consumer version available in 35mm only, while Aerochrome was sold in big bulk rolls of 70mm.   Both films are currently discontinued.

Although infrared film was created to improved haze penetration in aerial photography and other useful intelligence applications like camouflage detection for the military during WWI, the unusual and psychedelic aesthetics of infrared false-color film were perfect for artistic purposes and it was widely used during the 60’s.

There is no replacement for infrared-sensitive, false-color film. Similar images can be achieved with a lot of post-processing and IR converted digital cameras or using IR filters with regular digital cameras and long exposures, and while the results may be similar, they are not quite the same.”

Aldo on why he chooses to shoot film:

"To me, film just looks better.  The way I see the world is the way it is captured on film— the subtle tones (or the vivid ones), the grain, the contrasts, the imperfections, the atmosphere and mood.  There are many reasons why I love film but it’s one of those things you have to try to learn to love it and it can’t be described with words.
There is no “delete” button, no LCD screen to look at, no instant gratification, film makes you slow down in this crazy world where everything needs to be fast.

Like Vincent Laforet said ‘As the world continues to move faster and faster, as processors, resolutions, dynamic ranges, and terabytes keep increasing at an exponential rate, sometimes I think we could all do with a roll of 36 exposures.’”

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fuck yes we won

and even more important, bayern didn’t get an away goal

Apr 23 at 22:38

i’mma let you in on a secret

normally i’m a huge fan of the german nt and i love the boys just like any other fan but when the ones who play for bayern put on the red/white shirt and play for their club it’s like a switch goes off somewhere in my mind because suddenly nothing would make me happier than to see those same players lose (and cry)

idk football makes me really bitter and mean

Apr 23 at 21:25

guyyyys i want to throw up i’d forgotten how fREAKING stressul watching football is

Apr 23 at 21:18


algebra is like a 4n language to me

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     best pun      10/10
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oh no

it’s that time again

i’m going to pick up like ten new tv shows 


Apr 22 at 14:24
Apr 17 at 9:00  with  738 notes
     oh they did the thing?      :D
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(i’ll be queuing some stuff tho)

Apr 17 at 0:12

a por la cibeles

okay i’m super happy and shit but i’m also tired so i’ll sleep now and then we’ll see if i manage to wake up for the celebrations

hala madrid

Apr 17 at 0:10