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Obrigado Brasil!

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Philipp Lahm’s official statement in full

Dear friends of football,
During the last season I have made the decision to quit my international career after the World Cup. I told Jogi Löw about this during the breakfast on Monday. I am happy and thankful that the end of my international career coincided with the win of the World Cup in Brazil.

This morning I said goodbye to DFB’s president Wolfgang Niersbach and thanked him in place of the whole coaching team around Joachim Löw, Hansi Flick, Andy Köpke and team manager Oliver Bierhoff for the great teamwork during the last ten years.

I have been on vacation for three days and thus have time to end my international career mentally.

Thank you so much for a wonderful time,

Best wishes
Philipp Lahm

Translated by me, read the German text here.

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With the WAGs
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Bastian Schweinsteiger refusing to be subbed out after numerous accidents.

" If there was one German player who simply refused to lose, it was Bastian Schweinsteiger. The experienced midfield pass master endured a gruelling game. He was routinely sent tumbling by Argentine tackles that pushed the rules to their limit. But for all the bumps and scrapes he sustained, Schweinsteiger never shied away. Instead, he remained at the forefront of his nation’s efforts".

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let’s just take a moment to talk about sami khedira, shall we? a few months ago, the man got himself a torn acl and was subsequently ruled out for both the rest of the season and the world cup. he bust his ass off for most of the season and not only managed to start in the champions league final and win it, but also play brilliantly in the world cup and help his national team win the tournament. words can’t describe how proud i am.

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